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Renting a Ford Mustang is a popular service of Easy Rent. We offer to rent legendary coupes or convertibles of different modifications and years of production, which will give you pleasure and a lot of positive emotions from traveling around Dubai and beyond. Each car is offered in impeccable technical and aesthetic condition.

Renting a Ford Mustang from Easy Rent has the following important advantages:

  1. Conclusion of an official contract with clear and transparent terms and conditions: hidden fees, fictitious fines - it's not about us!
  2. Huge fleet of cars: the catalog includes not only Ford Mustang, but also other makes and models, which will allow you to choose the luxury car of your dreams.
  3. Fixed prices: customers pay for the rent the amount that is specified on the site.
  4. Rent for any term: you can rent a Ford Mustang by the hour, for a day, a week or for a longer period.
  5. Delivery of the car at any time to any address in Dubai.

Car rental at Easy Rent is only available with a tourist passport or resident visa and an international driving license. The renter must be 21 years of age or older and have at least 1 year of driving experience.

Dubai is an ultra-modern city, which is famous for its many extraordinary buildings, structures and sights, as well as very good roads. For motorists here are built multi-lane roads, on which it is officially allowed to travel at speeds up to 80 km / h. The metropolis has intersections with ring traffic, large-scale overpasses, complex interchanges. To be confident when traveling in such conditions, you definitely need a good car. Renting a Toyota in Dubai at fixed prices is a great solution for self-respecting people who come to the UAE for work, tourist or other personal purposes.

Benefits of renting a Toyota in Dubai

Toyota is a world-famous brand whose cars are in high demand in almost every country of the world, including the United Arab Emirates. The cars of the Japanese manufacturer harmoniously combine conservatism and innovative technologies. Each model of Toyota car is created with the use of advanced technical developments, invented by engineers working in the scientific - research center of the Japanese concern. Therefore, it is not at all surprising that car rental of this manufacturer is in demand among residents and tourists in Dubai.

Among the key advantages of Toyota cars stand out:

  • adaptive lighting system, which changes the direction of the light flow, depending on the angle of the steering wheel;
  • reliable suspension and practical running system, which contribute to a smooth ride;
  • comfortable interior with premium finishes;
  • powerful, hardy engines;
  • excellent cross-country ability;
  • high prestige class of the car;
  • thoughtful design, which makes the cars as attractive as possible;
  • "smart" safety system, which includes special warning radars;
  • innovative climate control;
  • advanced cruise control, which maintains the optimal speed and distance to the vehicle ahead.

Easy Rent offers to rent a Toyota car. You can rent various models of Japanese brand cars. We provide a huge selection of cars, which are selected by body type, technical characteristics, color, rental price. Each Toyota car, regardless of modifications and years of production, offered for rent, has perfect technical and aesthetic condition.

Rent Toyota in Dubai is carried out on the most favorable conditions:

  • warranty of fulfillment of the terms and conditions specified in the contract: rent with payment only for the services you receive - hidden payments or fake fines are completely excluded;
  • fixed cost;
  • Toyota rental on transparent terms;
  • rental for any term (by the hour, day, week, month, etc.);
  • car delivery on the right day and time to any address in Dubai.

Every Easy Rent client must have a tourist passport or resident visa, international driver's license. And new clients additionally pay a security deposit.