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Burj Khalifa, the famous “Dubai Tower”, is an ultra-high skyscraper with a height of 828 meters. It is one of the major landmarks of Dubai and the entire UAE. This structure is the tallest and multi-storied building. The structure has a stepped shape like a stalagmite.

Dubai Burj-Khalifa was ceremonially opened in January 2010. The structure was scheduled to open in September 2009, as well as the Dubai Metro, but a decrease in construction funding forced the opening to be postponed for several months.

In July 2007 the tower became the leader of the list of the world’s tallest buildings. In spring 2008 it was recognized as the tallest structure that has ever existed on Earth. In this nomination Burj Khalifa in Dubai surpassed the Warsaw radio mast, which held the record since 1991. The exact height is 828 meters, of which 180 meters has the longest spire. The structure has 163 floors.

Interesting facts about Burj Khalifa

There are many facts that are related to the famous structure of the Burj Khalifa. We propose to consider the most interesting of them.

It was built for the sake of economic diversification.

The Sheikh of Dubai commissioned the construction of a grandiose tower to diversify the economy of the city and the emirate. The main goal was to popularize tourism and reduce the dependence of the economy stability and export of oil products.

The architect of the Burj Khalifa is now building a skyscraper in Grozny

The structure was designed by Adrian Smith, who is also the creator of the Petronas Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur. Today Smith is busy designing and building the Akhmat Tower skyscraper in Grozny.

The main competitor was brought down by corruption

In 2013, Saudi Arabia turned to the same Adrian Smith to help build the “Jeddah Tower” (located near the city of the same name). According to the idea, this structure was to overtake Burj-Khalifa and for the first time reach a height of 1 kilometer. However, in 2018 the main investors were imprisoned due to corruption, and the project was stopped.

Khalifa Tower, not Khalif Tower

Many Russian citizens believe that the skyscraper is named “Royal Tower”, but this opinion is wrong. When Burj Dubai was opened (this was the name originally given to the structure) by the ruler of the Arab emirate, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum (today holds the post of Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE), the tower was renamed in honor of the President of the country, Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan.

Giant construction project

Many people are interested in how much was spent on the realization of the project. According to official data, the price of erecting the Burj Khalifa is $1.5 billion. 330 thousand m3 of concrete mortar and 39 thousand tons of steel reinforcement were required for construction. 22 million man-hours were spent on the work. At peak times, 12,000 workers were simultaneously engaged in construction.

The design is based on a tropical flower

The main idea of the skyscraper is the hymenocallis flower (spider lily). The wings of the structure emerge from the center like petals.

Three times record holder

In addition to the above records, the tower has other titles in the list of the best according to the Guinness Book. Thus, inside the skyscraper there is the longest one-piece elevator (504 meters). There is also the highest restaurant (441 meters), where various show programs are held. Earlier Burj-Khalifa had the highest observation deck in the world (555 meters), but in 2015 this indicator was surpassed by Shanghai Tower (561 meters).

To the top - in a minute

The elevator systems are the longest and the fastest - they travel at a speed of 10 m/s, which allows you to get to the observation deck in a minute.

Armani Skyscraper

The main “highlight” of the building is considered to be the Armani Hotel and Apartments. The complex, occupying 11 floors with a large number of rooms (160), is named so, because the interior design is developed by the famous fashion designer himself. The price of accommodation for one night in rooms starts from 33 thousand rubles. The cost of one-bedroom apartments Armani on 98 m2 is 46-50 million rubles.

More popular than the Vatican

Statistics Uber says that the tower is among the top ten most visited attractions, winning in popularity over Buckingham Palace, Disneyland and the Vatican.

Not a cheap pleasure

Buying a ticket for a tour of the Burj-Khalifa observation deck can be priced at 150 dirhams (3 thousand rubles), and buying a pass to the lounge area on the 154th floor can start at 750 dirhams. However, if you come to Dubai, it doesn’t matter how much it costs, because the views from here are incredibly beautiful, allowing you to take unforgettable photos.

How to get there

If you want to visit the Burj Khalifa and make beautiful photos on the background of the famous fountain, which glows with different colors and flags, and also visit the shopping center, then you can get to the eastern shore of the Gulf of Dubai by bus or cab. But it is best to find a good car rental service. Easy Rent company just offers the most favorable and pleasant conditions of premium car rental in Dubai.



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