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Gas Stations in the UAE

When visiting the United Arab Emirates, many people choose to rent a car for a few hours or days. In doing so, they may run out of fuel, necessitating a refill of the gas tank. Fortunately, the country has numerous modern gas stations.

Gas stations in Dubai and other UAE cities offer high-quality service. Drivers don't even need to leave their cars – simply roll down the window and let the employee know the type and amount of fuel needed. Knowledge of the Arabic language is not necessary; basic English skills are sufficient.


The UAE is an oil-producing country, so the price per liter of fuel here is much lower than in most European Union countries. As of the summer of 2023, the fuel prices are as follows:

  1. Petrol AI-95 (Special type) – 3 AED (0.8$).
  2. Petrol AI-98 (Super) – 3.15 AED (0.85$).
  3. Diesel fuel (Diesel) – 2.96 AED (0.8$). Prices are practically the same in all emirates, regardless of whether there is oil production in the region (Dubai, Abu Dhabi) or not (Fujairah).

Every Dubai gas station offers excellent quality fuel, so you can refuel your rental car at any station. There are plenty of gas stations on major highways, often presented as small oases with car washes, auto service, and shops. Some even have cafes and mosques.

Payment by Card

Every gas station in Dubai or another emirate provides the option to pay for fuel with a card through portable terminals.

Many drivers prefer to pay in cash because using a card automatically freezes 80 AED (22$), even if you're refueling just a small amount, and the remaining amount is only returned to the card after some time (usually up to 2 days, but sometimes longer).

Charging Stations for Electric Vehicles

Over the past decade, Dubai and other emirates have been increasingly adopting electric and hybrid cars, leading to the opening of new charging stations by companies like Tesla, Green Parking, and DEWA.

Self-Service Gas Stations

There are self-service gas stations in the UAE, but they are less popular. Each station tries to attract customers with low prices, but due to the heat and humidity, few want to leave the comfort of their air-conditioned cars. However, among foreigners (especially CIS citizens), self-service stations are more in demand.

In Dubai, SelfService pumps are typically located on Sheikh Zayed Road and are usually used at night when the weather is relatively cool.

Preferences of Local Residents in the UAE Regarding Gas Stations

Residents of the UAE typically prefer gas stations owned by national companies like Enoc, Adnoc, and Emarat. Such gas stations offer comprehensive services (combining gas refueling with a store, car wash, and auto service) along with loyalty programs, making them especially attractive to local residents.


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