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6.2 L. / 420 hp / Petrol

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About Cadillac Escalade

A luxury comfortable vehicle is the best choice for traveling around the United Arab Emirates. That is why we offer you to rent an Escalade! This vehicle model provides advanced technologies and security features. You will enjoy the innovative systems and solutions giving amazing driving experience!

Features of the full-size SUV:

  • 6.2 L gasoline engine;
  • 420 horsepower;
  • 624 Nm of torque;
  • acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in 6.3 seconds;
  • air suspension provides adjusting the ride height.

Talking about the innovations of this model, a 38-inch high-resolution curved OLED display should be mentioned in the first place. The navigation system has been upgraded by augmented reality providing opportunities to follow the right direction perfectly. The AKG audio system contains 36 speakers ensuring iconic sound quality.

This vehicle provides comfort and convenience in any detail! To open the trunk, it is enough to move your foot under the rear bumper area in a kicking motion. The logo shows the exact point where the sensor is located.

Renting an Escalade in Dubai is an excellent choice even for the most discerning drivers who are used to the best.

Enhanced Comfort and Restrained Style

Cadillac Escalade is a luxury SUV ensuring the ultimate driving experience. It features spacious interior space and 7-passenger seating capacity, which is convenient for traveling in Dubai with your family or friends. The exterior emphasizes the presentability of the vehicle.


Please, note! The advanced safety features make your driving defensive and enjoyable. You will be immediately warned in case of leaving the lane or a potential colliding. These options are especially useful when traveling in unfamiliar territory. That is why rental vehicles with such features on board are chosen as a rule.


An Escalade SUV is equipped with a touchscreen information and entertainment system and a premium audio one. Passengers in the back seats can use the entertainment system as well.

Comfortable Microclimate

It is always hot in Dubai, even during winter months, but due to the innovative air conditioning system you can enjoy a pleasant temperature in the salon whatever the season. Renting an Escalade provides maximum comfort on the road!

Perfection in Everything

Dubai is widely known for its high standard of living, expensiveness, and luxury. To become a part of the city image and demonstrate a high status, one needs to enjoy the benefits of costly resources. Visit Easy Rent, if you would like to use a new vehicle at an affordable price! A black stylish Escalade 2022 is what you need! The SUV features massive 22-inch alloy wheels that make a daring impression.

The salon is pure perfection, each detail is saturated with luxury. It is covered with exclusive materials, such as natural leather, tiger wood, zebrano, ash and lacy wood. The backlight can be customized according to your mood by selecting one of eight preset shades. The brightness is also adjustable.

The new generation of Escalade has a panoramic roof allowing you to enjoy the sky view from the salon. If one needs to hide from the bright sun, a special electric-drive curtain can be used.

The vehicle offers 16-way adjustable seats, the memory feature of which provides maintaining the set position. Front seats are equipped with a massage option for long trips around Dubai and to other points. Ventilation and heating are also a nice bonus for increasing your comfort on the road during a trip!

Driving Comfort

Driving a contemporary high-class vehicle is a great pleasure! That is why people who care about their safety and status prefer exactly such ones! Escalade helps its driver, warns concerning all dangers in advance to make your trip safe and truly unforgettable. Let us consider some of them:

Infra-red radiation makes it possible for a driver to be warned in advance about the presence of animals or people nearby in the night time. Their images are projected onto the salon screen for your convenience. The vibration alert in the driver's seat is triggered in case of danger. Welcome to Easy Rent, if you would like to enjoy driving an Escalade and explore not only Dubai, but also visit some remarkable places of interest in the United Arab Emirates! This vehicle will be delivered by agreement at the right time and place. The rental price includes insurance and the driving distance limit, which is 250 kilometers per day.

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