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Miracle Garden in Dubai

On one of the outskirts of Dubai in February 2013 opened a unique place - Miracle Garden, which Russian-speaking tourists call “Park of Flowers”. It is the world’s largest natural flower garden, which consists of 50 million flowers and 250 million other plants. This is one of the most impressive attractions of Dubai, which conquers the heart of every visitor. Therefore, millions of people dream of visiting this place on a tour.

How to get there

Miracle Garden in Dubai is located in the Dubailand neighborhood at South Al Barsha 3. You can get here by bus #105 from Emirates Mall or by cab. But the most comfortable solution is to rent a car. In this case you will be able to move around Dubai without restrictions and build individual routes. Easy Rent offers the most favorable prices for premium car rental in Dubai.

Buying tickets

You can buy a ticket to enter the Miracle Garden online or at the ticket office by paying with a bank card, and without any queues. The price of the entrance ticket is 55 and 40 dirhams for adults and children 3-12 years old respectively. Despite the rather high cost, the impressions of the Dubai Flower Park are totally worth the ticket price.

Diagram of the Dubai Miracle Garden

Dubai Miracle Garden does not have any electronic turnstiles - the guards manually check tickets the old-fashioned way. At the entrance, guests are immediately greeted by large horses made of artificial greenery.

The park itself is shaped like a circle with various floral figures inside. On the outside, tall trees are planted around the perimeter. There is also a cafe and a market where souvenirs are sold at fairly high prices. So what floral designs await inside the Dubai Miracle Garden?

Hill Top

This part of Dubai Miracle Garden has an outline of verticality. A miraculous passageway escorts guests to the lower part of the garden. It is from here that you can appreciate the unique perspective of the brightly colored floral Hill Top structure that rises from the very bottom. From above, the park has the appearance of a true wonder valley. This is the best location for family photos and selfies of a couple in love.

Emirates Airbus A380

Emirates is the most famous company of Dubai airlines, which is used by people from most countries of the world. It is not surprising at all that the Arabs emphasized this when creating the magic garden. In the very center of the park there is a real copy of the Airbus A380 airplane, which is decorated with half a million flowers and other plants.

This floral design was rightly included in the Guinness Book of Records as the largest garden installation.

3D floral design

Dubai Miracle Garden is famous for its numerous three-dimensional floral characters, which are considered real works of art. Looking at each composition, one can see the professional work of a huge team of florists and designers. The concept is famous for its bright colors and incredible beauty. Giant flower mushrooms and humanoid ants, swans made of roses, colorful butterflies, cars - this and much more you can see in the “Miracle Garden”.

Smurf Village

Adults and children are amazed by the beauty of the unique Smurf Village. These fabulous creatures are represented here in a huge number, which will allow you to find a favorite character for every taste.

Dancing ballerinas

Near the market with souvenirs there is a beautiful composition with dancing ballerinas. These figures slowly twirl to different music. These sculptures are quite popular among many tourists.

Flower Clock

A unique composition with a diameter of 15 meters, for the creation of which only real flowers and plants are used. The clock mechanism was developed by Americans. The clock displays the local time of Dubai, and the stylistic design of the structure is periodically changed to refresh the design.

Umbrella Tunnel

This passage is considered the most interesting, creatively designed space in Dubai Miracle Garden. The ceiling is decorated with inverted umbrellas in the shape of rings separated by flowers. The suspended green plants create a tropical forest atmosphere. In these passages there are tables with chairs, where tourists can have a rest and gain strength for further traveling through the “Miracle Garden”.

Lake Park

The combination of water and flowers is a beautiful phenomenon, and Lake Park confirms this. Floral arrangements are beautifully reflected in the water, there are also 3D models with a variety of shades available. All the water figures are united with each other by floral motifs.

Soaring Lady

The newest composition in Dubai’s Miracle Garden. The flower girl elegantly floats in the air with her arms spread out and her long luxurious hair hanging beautifully to the ground. The lady has an incredibly exquisite gown of red and white petunias.

Sunflower Field

In our country, we are used to seeing endless fields sown with sunflowers, but in Dubai, these plants have been given a whole new look. Although these plants are considered agricultural crops, they have a truly eye-catching appearance. A field of sunflowers is a great backdrop for creating colorful photos.

These and many other floral wonders can be enjoyed when you visit Miracle Garden. And Easy Rent will help make the ride to the Miracle Garden more comfortable.



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